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Tomorrow's blockchain, ready today

Whether it's opportunities to invest, or tips on how to dive into the web 3.0, Dandelion's curated newsletter gives you the run down on all things blockchain.
In today's edition, we let you in on the most crucial aspect of the week concerning blockchain:
Using Web 3.0 to Advance Sustainability in Today's World
"Cryptographic trust on the internet" can be used to characterize the core invention that underpins Web3. Without the help of a "trusted third party," such as a bank, a bank customer could only have faith that a payment would be processed because the bank was trusted to make sure it did, there was no way to trust anything on the internet prior to the development of blockchain technology.

It is time to question "what new paradigms and use cases are developing on top of blockchains that can be used to make a beneficial impact on the world?" rather than "what can I do with a blockchain?" Alternatively, "What Web3 technologies can we add to the range of solutions we are creating to address our issue. WEB 3.0 has more potential now than ever to offer a decentralized system.
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Web3 Has the Potential to Transform The Financial System
The FM claimed that Web3 tools like blockchain, AI, data analytics, and cloud computing would benefit accountants in his speech to the World Congress of Accountants. "I believe a significant change will be seen in the way financial information is acquired, processed, and reported." The FM, Sitharaman.

In addition to helping us and enhancing the accounting process, machine learning will also greatly increase the amount of valuable information that is generated to support decision-making. Accounting and financial experts will find solutions to a number of issues affecting the sector using Web3.
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Use this tool before you buy or sell cryptocurrency
How do you know when is the best time to buy or sell cryptocurrency? It’s not too different from other investment decisions, where public perception and sentiments play a big role. To understand and predict the performance of cryptocurrencies, we need to refer back to the Fear and Greed Index.

CNN Business developed the original Fear and Greed Index as a sentimental analysis tool for gauging market conditions related to an investment asset, or a group of related securities. This measures the levels of “fear” (low confidence and urge to sell) and “greed” (confidence and urge to buy) that exist in the market by tracking daily, weekly, monthly and yearly changes. One of the best market sentiment tools for cryptocurrency is the Fear and Greed Index developed by Alternative.me.
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FTX tragedy proves that “centralized anything is by default suspect”, says Etherium co-founder
FTX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the game, filed for bankruptcy this month and sent shock waves through the crypto world. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is still optimistic about the future of blockchain technology, but acknowledged that the industry must face a self-reckoning over transparency and risk. He also expressed sympathy for Sam Bankman-Fried, the creator of FTX who has become a hated figure since the crash.

Buterin weighed in on Twitter about the FTX meltdown, saying that the incident validated beliefs held by the Ethereum community that “centralized anything is by default suspect,” and that people needed to trust in “open and transparent code above individual humans.” He opined that crashes like those suffered by Do Kwon’s TerraUSD were regrettable, but sometimes “necessary for the ecosystem.”
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Crypto predictions: lessons from 2022 and outlook for next year
This year has certainly been a series of highs and lows for the crypto industry, with bitcoin and ether dropping around 20% and 31% in January alone. However, the industry has also seen many incredible technological achievements, including the Ethereum Merge. Pantera Capital’s General Partner Paul Veradittakit shares his insights into crypto’s wins and failures in 2022, as well as his predictions for 2023.

Despite disasters like the FTX meltdown, Paul Veradittakit is optimistic that crypto will learn from its mistakes and grow from them in 2023. One such prediction is that Decentralized Finance or DeFi will see more adoption and growth, as well as complex applications like self-custody wallets, synthetic assets, and more. He also predicts that more companies will emerge to leverage blockchain data, leading to significant developments in the sector.
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